Creating Health

I have just returned from a four day Meditation Retreat and am basking in the sweetness that resides in each of us when we become still enough to realize it.  The simplest things can make huge differences if we just follow them regularly.  I have written before that the foundations for good health are the simple things— good nutrition, good water, exercise, healthy relationships, and peace of mind through strong spiritual connections.  Meditation is considered an essential practice for those who seek self-knowledge and self-mastery.  My daily meditation is a simple reminder of what is important to me and how I have control over my choices.  We hold more power than we realize!

The central dogma has been that genes control life and that the building blocks of our cells (DNA which goes to RNA which goes to complex proteins) give us our structure and function.  It has since been discovered that atoms—and therefore everything in the universe—is not made out of matter but is instead made out of energy.  This new Quantum physics has created a need for us to change our belief system, and has really rocked the world of physics and biology.


Epigenetics:  From Victim to Master

Bruce Lipton teaches about the role of Epi-genetics in our lives.  “The new biology will take you from a world of crisis and ill health to another level of masterful control.  We, in our consciousness and in our experiences in life, will have power over our own lives and not be the victims that we were programmed to be.”  Your perceptions and beliefs about your life actually have a biological connection through the energy field.  This is epigenetic control, which means control ABOVE the genes.  It is now known that the mind controls the genes.  You may have genetic tendencies, but you have power over whether or not they express.  Epigenetics allows you to move from thinking you are a victim of your genetics to realizing that your thoughts and actions are the Master of your health.  So, how does one practice this Mastery?  Start with determining your purpose.


Discovering Purpose                                               

Discovering your purpose is a process that reveals what is important to you.  This process takes careful consideration and introspection, but can also come in a flash of intuition.  Any manner in which insight is revealed to you is powerful so trust the answers that you receive.

After you discover your purpose, practice visualizing yourself being it.  I intentionally use the word ‘being’ because it is not always a matter of DOING something; it is more a matter of BEING a certain way in order to get a desired result.  Think of your purpose as your guiding star.  If something doesn’t support your purpose, don’t engage in it.  If you are purpose-driven, it makes it easier to resist anything that might come along to tempt you off your path.


Creating Health

What does having a purpose or a vision have to do with your health? As epigenetics teaches us:  whatever you focus on is what you will manifest in your life.  The first step to creating good health is to get clear that this is a primary goal and that your good health will support your overall life purpose.  Then remember that your thoughts and actions are what create your health.  Janet Ellis, Life Coach from ‘Janet’s Planets of Empowerment’ teaches that one way to reinforce your purpose is to create a visual reminder that you will see each day.  Some create elaborate ‘treasure maps’, but even a poster with drawings or magazine cut-outs glued to it can be a tool to keep your focus on your purpose.  You might want to create several categorized posters.  For example, you can do one for foods and water that support your goals, one for exercise that supports your goals, one showing relationships that support your goals, etc.  The more clear that you are, the easier it is to stay focused and on track.

The Role of Meditation

Then…use a meditation practice to relax and enter the stillness.  This is where self-knowledge and self-mastery are obtained.  Perfect health lies in the mastery of your mind.  Your mind is not the thinking brain that grinds for answers all day long.  Your mind is much larger than that.  It is all universal knowledge and support that is there for you to tap.  It is in this stillness that the answers and the clarity of your purpose come through.  It is in the stillness that you too can bask in the sweetness that resides in each of us.  Good health, stillness and sweetness are what I wish for each of you.