Back to Basics

This is an adaptation of an article that I wrote for Whole Health magazine.  It is a simple but important message that I wanted to share.

Journaling.   Keeping a journal can be a reminder to you as to what is important to you and to your health.  It can also show you the progress you have made when you review it later.

Drink adequate amounts of water.    One of my colleagues has referred to water as liquid light…I love that!   I suggest that we drink some water upon rising and sip water over the course of the day.  Perhaps you can start with drinking a total of 3 or 4 glasses of water over the course of the day and work up to 5 or 6 glasses.  Mostly, just consider turning to water to quench your thirst.  Start to taper off (drink less) in the hour or so before bedtime so that it does not disrupt your sleep.

Food is fuel.     Nourish your body with food periodically through-out the day.  It is especially important to eat after rising since your body and brain have been fasting for a number of hours and usually need fuel to get started.  Try to get in tune with when your body is sending hunger signals.  A stomach that growls, energy that is low, dizziness or faint feeling, foggy thinking, might be a body asking for nutrients.

Exercise.      Exercise will actually help move the synovial fluid to the joints and around the joints, which may help them feel better.  Exercising our body is also good for our minds.  It can help us find mental strength and flexibility, as well as physical strength and flexibility.  Find an exercise that you can do comfortably, such as swimming or yoga.  And you may need to increase your water intake if you work and sweat vigorously!

Use nature’s rhythms and cycles as a guide to keep you in harmony.       This includes waking up when the sun comes up and sleeping when the quiet of evening settles in.  In our part of the world, natural rhythms seem to be waking around 7:00 am and getting to sleep around 10:00 pm.  If you are unable to sleep, do something soothing and still—such as meditation or prayer—or read something comforting.   If these cycles do not come easily to you after some determination and practice, perhaps some testing is in order which may reveal if your internal rhythms are out of balance due to a hormonal or neurotransmitter or other imbalance.

As you build strength and awareness, your inner light will shine brighter and can guide you as to what your next steps are available to you.

I wish you all the best!  Caren