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The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

I just got back from my trip to Houston to attend the Transformation Enzymes Seminar. The topics covered were DIGESTION and INFLAMMATION, which have been shown to have a cause and effect relationship. Four of the speakers were M.D.’s, three Ph.D.’s, and two D.C.’s, all of whom spoke to the importance of using good nutrition to support their patients on their journey to wellness.

It always inspires me to be surrounded by others whose mission is to get the word out about creating wellness: Eating well is important for good health! Foods are the FUEL and the INFORMATION that our body needs to run.

Equally important is the integrity of the gut lining to allow for the absorption of the nutrients that you have eaten. This is where Digestive Enzymes and ProBiotics come in. The food molecules have to be converted to a size that can get where it needs to go to provide nourishment. For various reasons, including just the process of aging, the body no longer produces or produces fewer of the enzymes that help break down the foods that you eat.

If the molecules don’t get through—or pass through in a larger size than intended—the information that they contain also doesn’t get conveyed. The results? Some people experience allergies, hormonal imbalance, foggy thinking, weight gain, interrupted sleep, pain, a sluggish immune system, and an overall lack of vitality…all of which can lead to more serious illness if these symptoms linger.

Just know that enzymes are vital for life! They are abundant in fresh, whole foods and are also available as nutritional supplements, such as the ones that I recommend to my wellness clients. I have lots of details to share so let me know if you are interested in learning more.

Words of Wisdom

Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.
Make all your friends feel there is something special in them.
Look at the sunny side of everything.
Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.
Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
Give everyone a smile.
Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others.
Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.
~ Christian D. Larsen

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Are You Starving?

I’m not talking about starvation due to a lack of food…so these words are not only directed to those of you who might be dieting to loose those extra pounds put on over the holidays!  I am talking about starvation due to a lack of nutrition.

It used to be that the big threat to health was illness caused by disease, primarily due to unsanitary living conditions.  Coinciding with the improvement to general living conditions, we moved from the agricultural (farming) era into the technological (mechanical) era.  Suddenly we had the ability to process and chemically-preserve our food.  Now, instead of people suffering from smallpox, diphtheria and tuberculosis, they are reeling from heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.[i] Each of these diseases can be linked to nutritional issues so one could question if this really represents progress.[ii]  But perhaps more useful questions might be:  What can we do to help prevent these illnesses?  And, what contributes to good nutrition that supports wellness?  Here are some basic guidelines:

  • EAT WHOLE FOODS:  Plants come with vitamins and nutrients in the perfect proportions for your body’s needs.  Most bodies can easily handle the ingredients of an orange, but when you drink a large glass of juice squeezed from several oranges, it can put your system into over drive in attempt to balance the abundance of sugar.  Rather than drinking a glass of orange juice, consider eating an orange. Or, if you feel a need to drink some orange juice, dilute it with water so that you drink less, which will reduce this burden.
  • EAT FOOD IN ITS NATURAL STATE, as nature intended it to be eaten.  Limit altered processed foods.  ‘Processed’ means food that is boxed, canned or otherwise packaged.  Keep in mind that when you eat out, processed food is predominantly what you are getting.
  • PREPARE FOOD PROPERLY:  Cooking—especially at high temperatures—kills most of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes in our foods.  Minimize the cooking time and temperature, and make sure to include some raw foods in your daily diet.  Make healthier choices: a cut of lean meat from a healthy animal that was raised without hormone or chemical additives carries beneficial nutrients that the body can use.  But a ‘chicken-fried steak’ typically involves a poor quality piece of meat, devitalized breading and unhealthy oils that create a burden for the body.
  • EAT ORGANIC FOODS:  Foods raised organically typically avoid the use of synthesized pesticides, fertilizers and growth-regulating substances.  Organic practice also respects the need to rotate crops.  This nourishes the soil which then can contribute the needed vitamins and minerals.  Consider buying organic.  If money is an issue, perhaps you can at least buy organic for the foods that you eat frequently.
  • GET ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS:  The body needs these but does not produce them, so they must be provided.  EFA’s can be found in oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel as well as in nuts and seeds, healthy oils such as cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil, and even in some leafy greens. It’s equally important that you eliminate trans-fats and hydrogenated fats from your diet, which are the fats used in fast-food restaurants as well as in processed foods.

What else can you do to promote your nutritional health?

  • RE-EVALUATE WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TAUGHT.  Genetics plays a part in how our bodies develop but oftentimes eating habits and tips that we learned from family members—and advertisers—influence the outcome.  You can minimize and sometimes even overcome these obstacles by making healthy choices.  Another consideration is to re-evaluate the food recommendations that are promoted in the government’s ‘Food Pyramid’.  These recommendations are being scrutinized as possibly being one source of some health problems because—for example—some people cannot tolerate the ingredients in grains, and yet that’s the foundation of the pyramid.[iii]  In addition, it isn’t only the CHOICE of foods that is important, it’s also what’s DONE to the food that you eat and the Pyramid recommendations don’t address this.  The details for this scrutiny are too lengthy to address in this article but, in general, we are eating way more carbohydrates than our bodies need and taking in way too little of the necessary vegetables, fats and oils.
  • TAKE SUPPLEMENTS when needed.  Look for pharmaceutical-quality, properly formulated solutions, such as the ones that I sell.  The goal is to create health, not add to the body’s burden of processing and eliminating.

LIFE FORCE…One’s source of vitality, spirit, energy and strength.[iv]

Nutrition is not about eating merely to fill your stomach or your desires.  Learn to choose the foods that support your health.  Learn which foods are vibrant and full of Life Force; choose foods that provide you with a source of energy and help you to build optimal health.

[i] National Center for Health Statistics, 2004 “Deaths-Leading Causes” (web address:


[ii] http://www.greenfacts.org/en/diet-nutrition/index.htm#1

[iv] Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary of English, Copyright © 2006 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

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Creating Health

I have just returned from a four day Meditation Retreat and am basking in the sweetness that resides in each of us when we become still enough to realize it.  The simplest things can make huge differences if we just follow them regularly.  I have written before that the foundations for good health are the simple things— good nutrition, good water, exercise, healthy relationships, and peace of mind through strong spiritual connections.  Meditation is considered an essential practice for those who seek self-knowledge and self-mastery.  My daily meditation is a simple reminder of what is important to me and how I have control over my choices.  We hold more power than we realize!

The central dogma has been that genes control life and that the building blocks of our cells (DNA which goes to RNA which goes to complex proteins) give us our structure and function.  It has since been discovered that atoms—and therefore everything in the universe—is not made out of matter but is instead made out of energy.  This new Quantum physics has created a need for us to change our belief system, and has really rocked the world of physics and biology.


Epigenetics:  From Victim to Master

Bruce Lipton teaches about the role of Epi-genetics in our lives.  “The new biology will take you from a world of crisis and ill health to another level of masterful control.  We, in our consciousness and in our experiences in life, will have power over our own lives and not be the victims that we were programmed to be.”  Your perceptions and beliefs about your life actually have a biological connection through the energy field.  This is epigenetic control, which means control ABOVE the genes.  It is now known that the mind controls the genes.  You may have genetic tendencies, but you have power over whether or not they express.  Epigenetics allows you to move from thinking you are a victim of your genetics to realizing that your thoughts and actions are the Master of your health.  So, how does one practice this Mastery?  Start with determining your purpose.


Discovering Purpose                                               

Discovering your purpose is a process that reveals what is important to you.  This process takes careful consideration and introspection, but can also come in a flash of intuition.  Any manner in which insight is revealed to you is powerful so trust the answers that you receive.

After you discover your purpose, practice visualizing yourself being it.  I intentionally use the word ‘being’ because it is not always a matter of DOING something; it is more a matter of BEING a certain way in order to get a desired result.  Think of your purpose as your guiding star.  If something doesn’t support your purpose, don’t engage in it.  If you are purpose-driven, it makes it easier to resist anything that might come along to tempt you off your path.


Creating Health

What does having a purpose or a vision have to do with your health? As epigenetics teaches us:  whatever you focus on is what you will manifest in your life.  The first step to creating good health is to get clear that this is a primary goal and that your good health will support your overall life purpose.  Then remember that your thoughts and actions are what create your health.  Janet Ellis, Life Coach from ‘Janet’s Planets of Empowerment’ teaches that one way to reinforce your purpose is to create a visual reminder that you will see each day.  Some create elaborate ‘treasure maps’, but even a poster with drawings or magazine cut-outs glued to it can be a tool to keep your focus on your purpose.  You might want to create several categorized posters.  For example, you can do one for foods and water that support your goals, one for exercise that supports your goals, one showing relationships that support your goals, etc.  The more clear that you are, the easier it is to stay focused and on track.

The Role of Meditation

Then…use a meditation practice to relax and enter the stillness.  This is where self-knowledge and self-mastery are obtained.  Perfect health lies in the mastery of your mind.  Your mind is not the thinking brain that grinds for answers all day long.  Your mind is much larger than that.  It is all universal knowledge and support that is there for you to tap.  It is in this stillness that the answers and the clarity of your purpose come through.  It is in the stillness that you too can bask in the sweetness that resides in each of us.  Good health, stillness and sweetness are what I wish for each of you.



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Those of you who know me know that I’m a pretty diverse gal. My sales career has taught me a lot about offices, the use of space, people and how they interact and, through that, about life in general.

I am passionate about furniture, design, space-planning, architecture, art, and wellness. What? Wellness? Let me explain…

While immersed in corporate America, amidst the beauty of the technically-successful office environments that we created, I found myself surrounded by stressed–and often unhappy–people. “How could that be?” I asked. “What’s lacking?” The answer that I came up with:

The Spark. The Light. The Life Force that spurs us into action, which engages us in life. So I went on a mission to study what supplied this inspiration. I learned that it’s about discovering what gives you energy; what stirs you; what motivates you…What inspires you?!

For example, light moves me. The rising sun literally stirs me to get up and going in the morning; and the sunshine beaming through a window beckons me outside during the day. When we design offices, it is a common practice to place offices and windows so that the light around the perimeter walls can permeate into the interior spaces because we all thrive on sunlight. Healthy people and healthy spaces are lit from within. What are you doing to bring light into your life?


Restoring the light within is not a quick fix; it’s not accomplished with a cup of coffee or an energy drink! When you pull back and see the source from, say 30,000 feet, it’s about lifestyle. It’s about creating what you want. Every day, every choice, either supports or doesn’t support you on your path to accomplish what you want. The key is to get clear about your goals. This is true in business and in wellness. You can create the environment that you want—inside and out. And I can help!