The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

I just got back from my trip to Houston to attend the Transformation Enzymes Seminar. The topics covered were DIGESTION and INFLAMMATION, which have been shown to have a cause and effect relationship. Four of the speakers were M.D.’s, three Ph.D.’s, and two D.C.’s, all of whom spoke to the importance of using good nutrition to support their patients on their journey to wellness.

It always inspires me to be surrounded by others whose mission is to get the word out about creating wellness: Eating well is important for good health! Foods are the FUEL and the INFORMATION that our body needs to run.

Equally important is the integrity of the gut lining to allow for the absorption of the nutrients that you have eaten. This is where Digestive Enzymes and ProBiotics come in. The food molecules have to be converted to a size that can get where it needs to go to provide nourishment. For various reasons, including just the process of aging, the body no longer produces or produces fewer of the enzymes that help break down the foods that you eat.

If the molecules don’t get through—or pass through in a larger size than intended—the information that they contain also doesn’t get conveyed. The results? Some people experience allergies, hormonal imbalance, foggy thinking, weight gain, interrupted sleep, pain, a sluggish immune system, and an overall lack of vitality…all of which can lead to more serious illness if these symptoms linger.

Just know that enzymes are vital for life! They are abundant in fresh, whole foods and are also available as nutritional supplements, such as the ones that I recommend to my wellness clients. I have lots of details to share so let me know if you are interested in learning more.