About Caren Coe

Welcome to my website! You’ll learn a lot about what interests me and what services I provide and hopefully, you’ll learn a little about yourself and your needs too!

Those of you who know me know that I’m a pretty diverse gal. My sales career has taught me a lot about offices, the use of space, people and how they interact and, through that, about life in general.

I am passionate about furniture, design, space-planning, architecture, art, and wellness. What? Wellness? Let me explain…

While immersed in corporate America, amidst the beauty of the technically-successful office environments that we created, I found myself surrounded by stressed–and often unhappy–people. “How could that be?” I asked. “What’s lacking?” The answer that I came up with:

The Spark. The Light. The Life Force that spurs us into action, which engages us in life. So I went on a mission to study what supplied this inspiration. I learned that it’s about discovering what gives you energy; what stirs you; what motivates you…What inspires you?!

For example, light moves me. The rising sun literally stirs me to get up and going in the morning; and the sunshine beaming through a window beckons me outside during the day. When we design offices, it is a common practice to place offices and windows so that the light around the perimeter walls can permeate into the interior spaces because we all thrive on sunlight. Healthy people and healthy spaces are lit from within. What are you doing to bring light into your life?


Restoring the light within is not a quick fix; it’s not accomplished with a cup of coffee or an energy drink! When you pull back and see the source from, say 30,000 feet, it’s about lifestyle. It’s about creating what you want. Every day, every choice, either supports or doesn’t support you on your path to accomplish what you want. The key is to get clear about your goals. This is true in business and in wellness. You can create the environment that you want—inside and out. And I can help!